16 11, 2016
  • snap hook

what is a snap hook?

Fangyuan specializes in some of the finest quality brass swivel snaps, snap hook and pet leash hardware available. These heavy duty nickel plated swivel snap hooks come with a 1 inch rectangle-shaped swivel head. These snap hooks can be used for dog leashes, bag straps, camera bag straps, shoulder straps, purse straps, and so much [...]

3 05, 2016
  • Wholesale Handbag Lock Suitcase Bag Accessories

how to lock luggage when travelling

Locking  luggage  protects your belongings, keeps bags closed securely and gives travelers peace of mind. Since the onset of baggage screening at airports, many travelers believe that they are not permitted to lock checked bags. Although you can lock your bags, passengers need to be aware of the regulations enforced by the Transportation Security Administration [...]

28 04, 2016
  • Best Locks For Luggage Hardware Accessories Locks

how to select luggage secutity locks

How to select luggage secutity locks A lot of people go out to travel or travel time will bring a lot of luggage, then how to protect the baggage security? We should choose a high-performance security locks to protect the security of the luggage, to ensure we have a pleasant trip journey .so how to select [...]

27 04, 2016
  • Silver Cheap Metal Lock For Satchel Bags

How to Pick a Luggage bag Lock

Many people misplace the tiny keys that open luggage bag locks. If you have done so, all is not lost. You don't have to tear or break your luggage to get to your stuff inside. Instead, you can simply pick the luggage lock with a paper clip. Straighten the paper clip. You want it the [...]

27 04, 2016
  • Strong Metal Travel Bag Lock Hardware

How to protect your luggage?A handbag lock is your good choice!

For many people, when we go out to play, to protect our luggage is a very important thing, we can go through a variety of ways to protect our luggage.Many travellers buy locks,cable ties,shrink-wrapping or straps to protect their luggage fom being stolen.There are preemptive measures you can take to safeguard your luggage well before [...]

11 04, 2016
  • 458

How to Make a leather adjustable strap for handbags using a FangYuan buckle?

Finding the perfect purse that matches an outfit and carries everything you need can be difficult. Even when you find the right color, style and size, the strap length may not be what you need. It's easy to adjust the strap on a cloth bag: Just tie a knot in the strap. For leather purses, [...]